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Portfolio overview, less mistakes and worries.


PMPortal is a unique tool for project management, evidence and reporting and is quite useful in any organization for purpose of its own project portfolio management. It provides wide functionality including the stack of employee ideas, document management, task scheduling and timesheets. It is really easy to turn some good employee idea into a new project with our product.

PMPortal makes work of all people involved in projects in any organization more efficient. Our product is a great complement to other information systems and it automates many manual or complicated processes or even those which have not been used yet. 

Buying our product will also bring you some possible improvements for your organization performance. We will not only help you with employee training, but also with creating methodic and better project management culture.

Our biggest know how is in our own experience from previous project management. We have a lot of well educated professionals in Icontio, who obtained many different certificates including those for project management (PRINCE2, PMI, IPMA). It means that we used the assumption confirmed by our own professional experience, that the most needed features of software for project portfolio management are comfortable reporting, current project state status and order in documentation.

PMPortal can be used as a very efficient complex tool as well as really simple and fast assistant.