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Question overview

What are hardware requirements and which licenses do I need for PMPortal to be working?

The most often way of using PMPortal is in customer infrastructure. PMPortal works above Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, which requires nothing more than Microsoft Windows Server. It means that customer needs only server for application and database.

Detailed hardware requirements depends on number of users and workload. We will help you with this after our familirization with your requirements.


Is it possible to order PMPortal as a Cloud application?

Yes, you can order PMPortal as hosted application. It means that only two things you need are internet connection and browser.


Do you also provide employee training?

Yes. Our customer services contain employee training, which is split into several different trainings according to system roles and corresponding future users.


Is PMPortal somehow linked to organization accounting?

Yes, our system is linked to existing accounting systems, at least on report basis.


We have clearly defined methodic and terminology in our organization. Can PMPortal be modified for our needs?

Sure. We are always trying to customize PMPortal for every customer need. These little modifications are very frequent and does not make us any troubles. We can also modify PMPortal for some methodic very precisely.


Can I administrate PMPortal by myself?

We will provide product installation and potential service editing. Any other actions are really easy and so customer can do system administration on his own. Every needed information is provided with employee training. 


What differences are between PMPortal and MS Project?

Main difference between MS Project and PMPortal is that MS Project works only on one computer while PMPortal across the whole organization. It is very difficult for organization employees to manage several projects on one computer. MS Project is a good tool for one Project manager, but not for an organization with many projects belonging to more than one Project manager. Besides that PMPortal is very simple tool in comparison with MS Project.


What differences are between PMPortal and MS Project Server?

MS Project Server can work with more than project at the same time, but it is too much complex and complicated tool. For example you have to enter a lot of informations for almost every small action. These characteristics cause that many organizations stop using this product after a short time. In comparison to MS Project Server PMPortal is really easy to use and it contains all the necessary characteristics for project portfolio management.